Alberto Contador 2010 Tour de France Interview


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by Thomas A. Valentinsen
Alberto Contador wins! Will he win the 2010 Tour de France? Stay tuned to to find out! Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.
Alberto Contador wins! Will he win the 2010 Tour de France? Stay tuned to to find out! Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.

Alberto Contador 2010 Tour de France Interview interviews Alberto Contador on the day before the Tour de France 2010. interviews Alberto Contador on the day before the Tour de France 2010.

Do you start the 2010 Tour de France with a higher confidence level than you have done in past Tours?

This year I have had good results, but it was also the same in 2009. This year I have great confidence in my team because I know that everybody will manage everything for me, but last year I was also feeling confident.

Are you afraid of this first race week?

It will be a very animated and lively week, I don't know yet what will be the result, but we have a first stage with a lot of wind in Holland. Very, very dangerous. Next day is like a classic and finally we have the paves in stage three. There are three stages in which time differences may be made that can be even more important than those made in the mountains later in the Tour de France.

What are you expecting from Lance Armstrong this year, do you think is he stronger than he was in 2009?

I think he is a major rival. There is a group of ten or twelve riders with a chance of winning the Tour and he is among them. He has shown good shape in pre-Tour races and will be very motivated.

What is your relationship with your teammate Alexandre Vinokourov, can the same thing happen this year that happened last year between Lance Armstrong and you?

My relationship with Vino is excellent, with high confidence and there won't be anything like what happened last year.

Last year there were difficulties regarding the unity of the Astana team, how important is this unity?

The team unity is very important always, but especially in the Tour and in and out of competition, because it is a month away from home, a month of continuous coexistence and a good unity is essential to perform better.

After the 2009 Tour de France you said that you had never admired Lance Armstrong, has you opinion changed since then?

I think there were things said that were not true. I have admired Lance as the great champion he is, and I still do.

Which Astana Tour de France team is stronger, the 2009 team or the 2010 team?

One thing is obvious. Because of the many big names and great experience in last year's team, the 2009 team was stronger, but I'm happy with this one, I know they will do everything possible to win and for me this is enough.

Does the route of the 2010 Tour de France prevent non-climbers from claiming the overall Tour victory?

The last (mountainous) week is still very far away, but will mark the overall classification. In this first week some can lose their chances, but at the end the climbers will be ahead. The Pyrenees of this year's Tour are harder than they have been in the last many years.

You have won the Tour de France twice with Bruyneel as your sports director. Who has more advantage now of knowing the other? You or Bruyneel?

I think I've more advantage than him. He knows me as a rider, but in recent years I have not revealed too many weaknesses. Instead I have learned a lot from his way of thinking and managing the race, so I think I have the advantage.

How much time would you accept losing in the northern pavé stage?

I don't think about the loss of time, that's not the best way to start the race well.

What is the strategy of Team Astana in the northern pave stage? Will you accept to lose time to avoid crashing?

I have been very lucky to have a teacher like Van Petegem on the pavés and I've learned more in one day than in the rest of my life so far. The strategy will be to be well-positioned and look at the rivals. Will be better if I can be ahead, and, of course, it is important to prevent crashes, because one minute of delay can be recovered, but a crash can cost you the race by resulting in a Tour exit.

What are the most dangerous GC rivals at this time?

There are two very powerful teams in relation to the general classification, the Saxo team and Team RadioShack, they can both be very dangerous.

Will you wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France prologue tomorrow and do you believe you can win the prologue?

No, the rules do not allow it since last year and, about to win, this course is not the best for me, is totally flat and without curves that could favor riders who favor changes in rhythm. It is better for specialists like Tony Martin, Fabian Cancellara, David Millar and Bradley Wiggins. I'll try to generate some advantage over other rivals for the overall classification.

What do you think about the rules of the UCI to do surprise tests on the bikes to check for motors?

It's OK to do controls on the bikes so we will be all equal, but I don't give great importance to this because I don't think anyone has ever used a motor in a pro race.

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