2008 Interbike Briefs - Part 6

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09/26/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

2008 Interbike Briefs - Part 6

Dave Osborne talks with Nicole from Skirt Sports about skirts and Skirt Sports.

we really hit it on the fashion side. There are a lot of really great performance brands…they’re really catering to a more conservative athlete. We said we’re fun, we’re bold, we’re confident women. Some are really in your face and some are more subtle, elegant, and sophisticated.

DO:  You say you focus on fashion, does that compromise performance?

Nicole:  It doesn’t. The way women shop, they have to be excited by your product by look. Then they’ll start to touch and feel the product and see that ours is also high performance by the fabrics we use, the chamois we use. We really consider every woman’s needs for the placement of pockets, seaming, built in bras, leg grippers. We put pockets in the built-in bra. That is a special feature. Women appreciate a pocket in the bra. We stash all kinds of stuff down there...

DO:  Guns, knives?

DO:  Where does the development of your product come from? Is it from your competitive background?

Nicole:  Generally it will start with me. I take feedback from everybody on my team and customers as well.

DO:  Where do you see the development of Skirt Sports going?

Nicole:  I wish we could do everything, but we’re going to stick to our core of running, cycling, and triathlon.

DO:  Roadcycling.com wants to focus on a woman’s perspective. I feel that’s an area we’re lacking. I appreciate your input and I’m sure the readers of Roadcycling.com want to know where they can check out Skirt Sports.

Nicole:  We do have an online store at www.skirtsports.com which carries everything in our line. The benefit of going to your local store is you can try it on and get a feel of the fit.

DO:  Can those retailers be found listed on your website?

Nicole:  They can. One other thing is our skirt chaser race series. We started a national 5k running series called the skirt chaser race series. Every woman gets a skirt with her entry and all the women line up first. The guys get a skirt chaser T and start three minutes later. It’s been really fun. My whole mission is about promoting fitness followed by a party. People walk away and say that’s the most fun I’ve ever had. I don’t ever want to lose this job, I enjoy it.

DO:  Best of luck to you.


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