2008 Interbike Briefs - Part 5

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09/26/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
CamelBak RaceBak
CamelBak RaceBak

2008 Interbike Briefs - Part 5

Dave looks at new products from CamelBak and the bike fit system from Bikefit.com.

For example, you can adjust the components to fit the person…but we spend a lot of time at the connection points. It’s kind of like buying a really nice suit and you go to the tailor to make it fit perfectly. We’re like that tailor.

DO:  Where can people go to get their bike fit?

Paul:  There are many bike fitters out there. We try to work with fitters that haven’t necessarily gotten brand specific. We work with everyone. We’re at www.bikefit.com and we’re listing those dealers and have a new list coming out very soon. We have the bikefit pro where a bike fitter gets professional education but also they get continuing education so the end user can also go here.

DO:  So Bikefit Pro will essentially work as a consultant to the consumer?

Paul:  Part of that difficulty is not just finding a good bike fitter...but how do I pick the best one? We really need to help put that connection together. I will say as an industry we haven’t done that well with it. We are definitely improving at it and I guarantee we will improve at it a lot more.

DO:  I notice that in your display I see the bottom of a person’s foot. Why is that?

Paul:  The most important connection to the bicycle is your feet. If you get a foot wrong and magnify that by the pedal strokes in one ride…most injuries occur with a slight misalignment over time. Where do all those misalignments start? With the foot.

DO:  I see you’re taking measurements on the bare foot.

Paul:  We start there. There are so many more adjustments. A good bike fitter will show that to the customer.

DO:  It sounds like you have the knowledge and knowhow and that you can provide a service to the rider.

Paul:  Thank you for saying that. We’ve been working at it a long time and been collecting data. Our goal is to have people ride their bikes and enjoy it and have comfort.


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