2008 Interbike Briefs - Part 2

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09/25/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

2008 Interbike Briefs - Part 2

Brief interviews about Phat Cycles and eSoles.

or perhaps thousands of scanners around the world digitizing people’s feet and recommending a custom insole.

DO:  I can say that I’ve gone through the scanning process and it is simple, quick, and painless. When asked what I thought, I said this is easy. What’s the difference between an eSole and something you can buy at a shoe store?

Glen:  On the surface, they may look similar but behind the scenes you go through the weight bearing/non-weight bearing mathematics. We take three dimension imaging. We can cover about 95% of the walking population with the combinations we have. You’re getting a digital imprint which you can go online and see. You can use it for other services such as buying socks or shoes. A retailer has a very affordable product that they can sell to the consumer that is truly custom to their feet.

DO:  I think the key here is obviously you know it's going to fit because it's a scan of your foot.

Glen:  That’s right...we have a three dimensional shape to it.


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